Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Work is going well!   Elder Lyon (companion) is from Idaho and was a farmer. The other companionship in our apartment stayed the same. Yes, we are continuing the training and I am still learning.  Surprisingly, I know the area to the point I don't need a GPS anymore, however I’m still learning everyone’s names. So far, the family we are teaching with the 12 year old, Kyle, didn’t show up to church... very frustrating... but we are going to try and teach him this Thursday on why it is important for him to go to church. Hopefully he has the desire, if not; c'est la vie, such is life.
This morning we did a mix in the gym of basketball and soccer. I was super stoked that we were able to do that. Both times we won, even though no one kept score...

Story of the week.....
We had a less active member come to church after he had been drinking, doing drugs and been in jail. I have only seen him once after his surgery... when I saw him at church and sober, I almost jumped up in the middle of priesthood meeting and ran over to say hi. He has been doing great, going to AA meetings and praying! If that isn't a miracle than I don't know what is. :D

I got a postcard from Glenn Young! Whooo!

Because I am crunched on time, I will write more next week, lo siento. I have ran into and gotten an ok from 5 Spanish families now ~ them willing to have us come teach them.  My comp won’t let us go teach them because he doesn’t know Spanish very well.... so we give them to the Spanish speaking elders.... a little bummed out about that.

I got to drive for the first time!!! :D and I drove like a pro!!!! .....safely.   ttyl
(talk to you later)

Anywho... Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Love Elder Benedict (VIII)

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