Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monday April 1, 2013

Sounds like it was a pretty good week for you.
So, we are now able to email family AND friends!!! wooo!  I hate to say this but I think it might just put the Post Office out of business... oops.

oh, and if anyone wants to know how I’m doing... just have them email me :) or if they really want, they can just get the sparknote version from you or dad.

We had a pretty sweet week, we had some one at church yesterday, also, we did eat dinner and dessert at the bishops house (we ate a lot)... then dessert at another members home (Kippin) lastly a HUGE piece of carrot cake at another members home....(Turner).  Have I told you how grateful I am that we are on bike 1/2 the time... :)
Our ward does really good about bringing friends to church and activities.... now we are just working on teaching their friends!! woo! This is going to be awesome!!!

ummm other than that. not much new happened this week, just lots of blessings and miracles!

hope you enjoy your vacation!

I will do my best to keep up the photos.... and yea,

Love ya!

Elder Benedict

Monday March 25, 2013

Elder Hibbard came out when he was 19+1/2.... he has been out for 1 year in 1 week.
We had a pretty good week, we hit most of our goals. We are eating at the bishop’s house for Easter (I think).
Today we played soccer, it was pretty fun.
Also, this week, we had a sweet lesson. We were teaching 2 college kids about the restoration of the gospel. They both felt the spirit and recognized it.... it was pretty awesome.

ummm, I don’t have much else to write....

Love ya!

Elder Benedict

Monday March 18, 2013

 Well. Great. Jacob.  Lugano, Switzerland.
(How are you doing?  How is Elder Hibbard?  What is his first name?  and where in Switzerland is he from?
English is his native tongue... He was born in Illinois.....he received his mission call in Switzerland.... where he was for 2 years of high school.... so yea.... he wasn’t native born there.  He does speak Italian though.
We did have corn beef and cabbage yesterday... it was kind of nice.... We also got to teach the youth in the ward how to role-play inviting people to church activities.

ummmm the work is going a little slow so.... yup.  Not too many stories to share.

Well, Hope you have an awesome week!!

Elder Benedict

Monday March 11, 2013

 It sounds like you have been up to a lot!!!

The storm this week was pretty much nothing (Hurricane Sandy)... We rode our bikes in it so it wasn’t that bad.  And we are all fine and healthy. We got one pair of shutters up, but then the neighbor’s house we were supposed to do didn’t want us to do it after all.... so he gave us popcorn again for driving up there.

The weather was AMAZING yesterday!!! We biked in short sleeves and it was about 60 or so!! :)
So it sounds like you had a pretty good week and an awesome learning experience! :)

This week not too much happened. I went on a Spanish exchange and I was the one who knew the most Spanish.... so it went over pretty well.

I love the gospel and I know it’s true, even if it is in Spanish haha.
It’s true - when we have religious gospel conversations with others... something they say will highlight a gospel truth that we will be able to testify about.

Also, I’m glad you are keeping the car! :)

Well, my companion is getting transferred.... looks like I’m taking over the area again.

Not too much has changed... or is new...

Hopefully I will have something neat next week to share with you all!
Hope you have a great week!
Elder Benedict

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday March 4, 2013

Preach my Gospel manual has just about everything in it.... chapter 3 has the restoration of the gospel, the plan of salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ALL of the Commandments, and it even has a section for Family history, temple work, what the priesthood is and missionary work.... it has EVERYTHING. So I recommend giving it a good look through. It really does tremendously explain just about everything there.

So will you do that? (commitment  :)

Tell Brenner thank you for the letters and the sweet envelopes.

We put up shutters for service this Friday.... and used a power washer..... While doing the shutters a neighbor came over and asked us if we would do his next week because one of this shutters flew off in the wind as well.... we GLADLY accepted..... We usually do about 2-4 hours of service every Friday, which is super nice :)

Also big news.... we are now 1/2 bike.... a set of zone leaders had something go wrong with their car.... so we were more than happy to give them our car.... maybe...... but that’s ok, missionary work works better with bikes :)

We are both doing well... but my companion cannot stay warm to save his life.... we have to crank the heater up the point of sweating .... but that’s just part of the perks :)

We have LOTS of dinners here in this ward... sometimes we are double booked.... ouch.... so I’ve been very grateful for the 1/2 bike situation :D

I’m going to have to cut letters short this week; we have to run to go bowling! :)

Hope all is continually well in Zion! Hahaha
Elder Benedict

Monday February 25, 2013

I’m doing well, Frederick is still cold, Elder McPherson is usually freezing and the work is going a little on the slower side... but the members brought 3 friends to church!!!! wooo!!!! First time all transfer!!! :D

We are still having a super rough time finding.... the only way really to find is through the members.
And yes, squirrel is eaten every once and a while... it’s not very common at all actually.

So, funny story... part of a service project was to put up some shutters..... and I messed up on a hole... so if you see a chunk of money disappear from my BofA card... you know why :)

Both you and mom were up pretty late.....especially by my time hahaha.
Hope you have an awesome week!!!

Elder Benedict

Monday February 18, 2013

My comp, Elder McPherson, is from Utah, South Jordan.  He attended a year of college before his mission and is very smart. Chemistry is one of his strong points.

Yesterday for dinner we got to try the hottest Hot sauce in the world... they had to dilute it just because if you eat it straight, you will die... not could... will. They had us try it any way.... it tasted kind of like fire.... but wasn’t that bad.... wimp’s hahahah  I’m just kidding.

We had a pretty interesting week. Not too much happened, just a lot of visiting less-active and in-active members... That’s one of the main ways we find people to teach that are not already members of the church.... because most of the people we think we are stopping by have already moved about a month ago to a year.... either way, the work moves forward.

Actually a classic Baltimore meal is chicken legs/feet.... or squirrel.... it doesn’t really include fish.
I don’t have much to write... or to update you on except my address…

Love ya!!!
Elder Benedict