Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday March 4, 2013

Preach my Gospel manual has just about everything in it.... chapter 3 has the restoration of the gospel, the plan of salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ALL of the Commandments, and it even has a section for Family history, temple work, what the priesthood is and missionary work.... it has EVERYTHING. So I recommend giving it a good look through. It really does tremendously explain just about everything there.

So will you do that? (commitment  :)

Tell Brenner thank you for the letters and the sweet envelopes.

We put up shutters for service this Friday.... and used a power washer..... While doing the shutters a neighbor came over and asked us if we would do his next week because one of this shutters flew off in the wind as well.... we GLADLY accepted..... We usually do about 2-4 hours of service every Friday, which is super nice :)

Also big news.... we are now 1/2 bike.... a set of zone leaders had something go wrong with their car.... so we were more than happy to give them our car.... maybe...... but that’s ok, missionary work works better with bikes :)

We are both doing well... but my companion cannot stay warm to save his life.... we have to crank the heater up the point of sweating .... but that’s just part of the perks :)

We have LOTS of dinners here in this ward... sometimes we are double booked.... ouch.... so I’ve been very grateful for the 1/2 bike situation :D

I’m going to have to cut letters short this week; we have to run to go bowling! :)

Hope all is continually well in Zion! Hahaha
Elder Benedict

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