Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday February 18, 2013

My comp, Elder McPherson, is from Utah, South Jordan.  He attended a year of college before his mission and is very smart. Chemistry is one of his strong points.

Yesterday for dinner we got to try the hottest Hot sauce in the world... they had to dilute it just because if you eat it straight, you will die... not could... will. They had us try it any way.... it tasted kind of like fire.... but wasn’t that bad.... wimp’s hahahah  I’m just kidding.

We had a pretty interesting week. Not too much happened, just a lot of visiting less-active and in-active members... That’s one of the main ways we find people to teach that are not already members of the church.... because most of the people we think we are stopping by have already moved about a month ago to a year.... either way, the work moves forward.

Actually a classic Baltimore meal is chicken legs/feet.... or squirrel.... it doesn’t really include fish.
I don’t have much to write... or to update you on except my address…

Love ya!!!
Elder Benedict 

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