Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday February 11, 2013

I am doing well; I am currently in the Frederick First Ward in Frederick, Maryland.
It is very hard in this area, because we are not allowed to knock on any doors where we don’t know who lives there.... so it makes tracting and planning pretty interesting… but not that bad.... tracting is not the way to go for success, long term success.

I am serving with Elder McPherson and he has been out about 8 months....
He has it rough, he has allergies 24/7 365 days a year.... so we are in a full car area.... so now I realllyyyy have to be careful about what I eat and make sure I exercise well in the morning... which isn’t too hard to be motivated when we can use the gym and it has a racquetball court in it!! :D

I must say that I am going to miss my bike a lot, it made street contacting a lot easier.

We have a very super missionary ward. But only 7 investigators... I left 20 back in Martinsburg.... so I’m a little bummed out. But that’s all going to change! :D
Also we have the most awesome Auxiliary leaders... they do exactly what they are supposed to! I love it!!! :D
It makes our work a WHOLE lot easier! :)

We have this person attending our ward, she is cool.

They have a place here called Hood College... it’s pretty funny that it’s not in Baltimore but out here.... sounds out of place.
The pink tie is from the Bergkvists  (We found pictures of Forrest on the mission blog) (.... Mason's Grandparents.... what is their address??? I still haven’t gotten to send a thank you....)

I will do my best to take photos... but we aren’t supposed to while proselyting.... which I try to do 24/7.... So I’m working on it.

And as long as I can read their hand writing I will be more than happy to write anyone back....

In this area we get to play indoor soccer for free once every 2 weeks... (with the zone and members/ non-members)...  so it is super fun! :) I got quite a few comments on sweet defense... until the other team scored....  -_-  hahaha I still have a lot of shape to get into.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Hope everyone is well!  Hope everything goes GREAT!!!

Elder Benedict 

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