Monday, February 20, 2012

Letters to Wesley (Thanks, Wesley!)

Tue, Jan 17, 2012
 I'll have to get you something pretty cool. What day exactly is your birthday? and that haircut was not my choice.... its mission rules to get it cut short.... it just helps if you have hair to cut....on your head.... >< lol.  And that is so cool that they are doing a zombie performance!  The blog looks amazing! (permission granted to post your emails) Thank you so much for setting that up, and for also helping my little bro with the server....and for trolling a bit for me in my absence :D

The only new stories is that we have a new investigator who loves to fish and hunt, and he is very smart, kind of makes me wonder why he doesn’t have some high corporate job.... any who, he was gutting a duck during our last discussion with him..... Very interesting how he de-feathered it too.

What do you do besides GYM, School and Video Games?? How is Rachael doing with school...and the rest of the family?
Btw, I only get 30 mins, of stretching a day..... I’m up to 50 crunches and 12 diamonds in one sitting. My companion lays on the ground in a blanket until he passes back out XD.

Btw, if you have any question about the Book of Mormon, or some other related questions, now is the time to ask while I have the next 2 years of pure study and teaching. 

That reminds me, we have this 12 year old investigator, and he told us that Jesus told him not to go to church (he stayed home and played video games)..... We told him that, that was Satan and that Jesus would never say that. He would invite everyone to come, kind of like that bible story of the big feast, and how none of the owners friends showed up because they were too busy, so the servant went to bring anyone who would come.(Savior= owner, Servants= missionaries, Everyone else= those who come)

I am super blessed to be here at this time. I have had so many times where angels have been watching us and protecting us, and letting us know when and where to be at any certain time. EX. We were planning to go to someone’s house, but I was told by the Spirit to go somewhere else. So we did just that, as we arrived at this place we were so told, we saw Steven Payne, a man whom everyone was looking for, and we were able to talk to him and help him sort out his life. Wow, talk about doing the Lord’s errand.

Anywho, I hope all is well and that your Holidays were SUPER SWEET!!!

Your favorite Missionary Mormon Tree,
Elder Forrest Benedict
Wed, Dec 28, 2011
Don’t worry, I’m going to freeze no matter what so don’t worry about sending me any gloves n what not, but thank you!...... and it was so rainy and windy yesterday when I went on exchanges that I almost got blown into traffic 2 times....and the rain soaked my back pack, jacket and suit coat.. (white shirt included) were drenched inside and out..... hahaha I was lucky though because when I go on a missionary exchange, I get to go teach the gospel in Spanish! :D and get fed really well.....(+ 3 lbs hahaha) the nasty part is that a few people have their apartments covered in bugs, and roaches.... and they are totally fine with/ don’t kill any of them.... shocked me at first but that was ok.

Best of blessings,
Elder Benedict
Dec 19, 2011
I went to go visit your house this morning (ran there and almost passed out) but nobody was there, so I’ll stop by later. And if you want, I can send you some warm stuff, or I'll talk to your parents about it. Though I'll need your address to do that.  I figured it be cold, but wai you no prepare for it? Weeelll, you probably don't need me to tell you, but don't take the rejections personally; it's not a reflection of you, but rather themselves. Since nobody likes being told they're wrong. See 2 Timothy 4:2-5. Basically, you are the messenger not the message. And trust me, I’ve tried, you can't logically argue many people into believing the truth, but you can tell them and give them the chance to see it (errr, or hear it). Bah I don't know; do tell me of your adventures. Let me know if that umbrella helps you at all. And if you need anything aside from gloves, scarfs, and a head warmer, let me know. I'll talk to your parents if you haven't already about it.
Good luck,
PS If it’s any consolation, it's been very rainy and windy over here as well. 
Mon Dec 19, 2011
…Also I say hi and I don’t get offered anything.... at all..... not even warmth some times.
I’ve been riding in 30-40 degree weather with nothing but my church dress on. No gloves scarf or hat to wear.... I’ve gotten crab hands a couple of times :) and I’ve been blessed because one of the members of the ward is a pro chef, and cooks for us (dinner only) whenever we call, and he does it ALL from scratch.

Also I’ve been knocking/ teaching/ riding bikes every day for 16 hrs a day.... kind of crazy.... I’ve met many people try to tell me what I’m doing is wrong and I’m wasting my time.... but I know that I’m not because I read in the scriptures that.... "if you serve me and keep my commandments, ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven".... or to that effect.

It’s been kind of crazy up here.... especially my companion..... long stories. but send me your address and I’ll write you all the crazy stories that have been going on.

Your missionary, 

Elder Benedict

Dec 16, 2011
Woaah, I just realized you probably left already. So would I have to snail mail you? I'll do that if you don't respond in a week or so.
 Btw, Emma says this exactly, "hi Forrest! Hope you're having a great time! Don’t take candy from strangers unless it’s the good kind." Anyway, I figure I should keep you informed about the rest of the world, since you probably don't get much news. So the top stories recently are: -Congress has declared pizza a vegetable to save money on school lunches so they wouldn't have to pay for real vegetables.  -Iraq War is officially over, troops should be out before Christmas. So fill me in on what you're up to. You might even be in Maryland already for all I know. Anyway, my winter break is 6 weeks long. Muhahahahaha. Yeah... time to get a job then...
Tue, Dec 6, 2011

Yea, it takes longer for normal email.... btw, I’m going to get my new address in a few weeks so ill email it to you then!... sorry if I don’t respond until then!!!!! Btw play some games for me!!!! -_- hahaha

btw, when I get back  we are going to have a Howie’s day!
Elder Benedict
Does 24/7 include sleep time? =0. I've probably gained about 10 lbs as well. Been too afraid to stand on the scale... since... about 3 months ago.  And I think 50 minutes at the gym every other day is a lot more than we used to go XD. Btw if I send you normal emails, do you get them later than if I use Dear Elder? And when do you go to Maryland?
22 November 2011
Wes....I have 16 hour study days... every day including Sunday. And my day I get off, I get to go to the temple for 3 hours and then we study for about 2 hours, but still no naps..... I wake up at 6 am sharp, and then I go to bed at 1030.... A little different than home... anyway, my companion is from Virginia, and there is an Elder with the last name of Greenwood.... little ironic, no? btw, send anything you desire, btw, meals are only 1 hr long... but it’s all you can eat... also you only get 15 mins of exercise in the morning, and you get maybe 50 mins every other day... my room is smaller than all the other groups, it’s kind of like living in a dorm... but our desks are 1/2 the size and we have all of the tallest guys.... I have learned a ton of things, my testimony has increased a ton! They had us teaching "non-members/Mormons" on the first day... btw, it snowed!!!! I’ll only get 30 mins of email time per week, (on Tuesdays...) so sorry if I don’t get a response back to you to fast....promise I’ll write more...
Elder (Forrest) Benedict
Hey Forrest, tis Wesley.
First off, I expect some response, or I'll send you hundreds of chocolate chip cookies and 50 lb of turkey until you respond. Which by the way, my mom bought 50 lbs of turkey for my family (and my dad's gone for Thanksgiving). Not sure what I'm gonna do with that much turkey, might tie it to Opus's back and watch him try to get it off. Anyway, fill me in on mission training. Btw, if you can email, this whole process would be much easier. When I went to training, we spent a lot of time studying culture, since Asian culture is a lot different than Western. Though you shouldn't have much problem, except the tons of fish they might server you. Muahahaha. I figure you'll be studying some apologetics (from Greek ἀπολογία, "speaking in defense") is the discipline of defending a position (often religious)){--wikipedia It's the most interesting field in theology I've been interested in. Though I'd like to know what they teach you, since we weren't taught that much about ministry overall (or I dozed off in that part). Anyway, Nick will probably write to you soon, since I forwarded him the info from your mom. Btw she says Brenner is having a great time not knowing how to set up the Minecraft server.  Response demanded sometime in the near future,

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