Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

I found my new camera! and thanks for the food!!!! but its not necessary.... I only work out for less than an hour every other day.... if I’m lucky.
3 plates of food a meal... except breakfast... it’s  just nasty.

Thanksgiving was amazing!
I’ve listened to 2 apostles so far in the 1st week. My companion is Elder Van Dam, from Virginia.

No sisters, just elders, in our classes.
And btw, there is so much I can’t tell you I wish I could.... I could cry from how much I’ve learned from the spirit.
My testimony is unwavering and has continued to increase exponentially.

Tell everyone on Wednesday that I say HI!  (Missionary Christmas boxes)
and I hope they are all doing well!!! :)

Stay strong, and enter not unto temptation... that includes being tired..... Matthew 26:40-41.

Love your unmovable missionary,

Elder Benedict

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