Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday November 22, 2011, MTC

MOM AND DAD... & Brenner :)
lOVE you all so much, I hope everything is going alright, I seem to not be able to feel the spirit as much as I’d like to, so it seems a little rough at some times, thank you for the packages! and for the letters, they make my companion and roommates a little jealous...( and no i wont learn to spell in the mtc... nor could they teach me :) )

Also thank you so much for the packages and letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 those made my week :). They were AMAZING!!!! Please send me more, just not too much food; we are fed incredibly well as it is. :)

My teacher has me and my companion going non-stop.... and everyone else in our district of 12.  I will write a letter to you later with their names, where they are from, and what they are like, promise. Also, we just went to the temple today and I had a cool experience that I will send in the next letter I get a chance to.

..I have 12 hour study days... every day including Sunday. and my day I get off, I get to go to the temple for 3 hours and then we study for about 2 hours, but still no naps..... I wake up at 6 am sharp, and then I go to bed at 1030.... a little different than home... anyway, my companion is from Virginia, and there is an elder with the last name of Greenwood.... little ironic, no?

btw, meals are only 1 hr long... but it’s all you can eat... also you only get 15 mins of exercise in the morning, and you get maybe 50 mins every other day... my room is smaller than all the other groups, it’s kind of like living in a dorm... but our desks are 1/2 the size and we have all of the tallest guys....

I have learned a ton of things, my testimony has increased a ton! They had us teaching "non-members/Mormons" on the first day... also we call our room the Narnia hole because it is sooooo much different than the rest of the rooms. That being said, please send any quotes you would like to share! btw, it snowed!!!! I’ll only get 30 mins of email per week, (on Tuesdays...) so sorry if I don’t get a response back to you too fast....promise I’ll write more...

Elder (Forrest) Benedict

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