Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012 6:44 PM

It rains quite a bit. The weather over here is SUPER bi-polar.... in the sence that it rains at 30's - 40's and the next day it’s 65+ and super sunny/warm. One other thing about the weather is that in the summer they have these "rain storms" where is will rain from an hour to 3 days, at random intervals.
I had the experience of that already.... it was sunny, then 5 min.s later (I kid you not) it was very cloudy, hailing, and the temp, dropped quite a bit. so preparing for the day doesn't help to much haha.

My area is literally at the PA/MD border line, in fact I have to go into PA just to get into one of my areas.

so we met with one of our investigators at a Dunkin' Donuts/ Baskin Robbins. He was drinking coffee.... (We haven’t taught the word of wisdom yet...) and he told us he had someone he wanted us to meet...(he found an investigator for us that we wouldn't have noticed. {unseen opportunity}) The girl from the back of the counter was chatting with our investigator (Gary). And Gary asked her about her faith. it ended up that she has a very strong faith in Christ, and LOVES the bible. She would love to hear more about the restoration, but her parents won’t let her. (When I heard that my heart sunk, one more person that had their agency restricted and because so wouldn't not have the chance to accept the FULLness of the Gospel. at least for a while). But it was a great reality check, to think about all the unseen opportunities that we are all given that we don't take the time to act upon them.

You are so lucky to have organized service projects. Randomly doing them is dirty work, like digging trenches in white shirts and slacks makes a good size dry cleaning bill....

So you’re going sailing.... don’t get sea sick.  I almost did in my last area when we were teaching a lesson on a boat for about an hour...

Moroni 7:33
"and Christ hast said, if ye will have faith in me, ye shall have power to do whatsoever is expedient in me."
All it takes is faith, one of the ultimate action words. Then we can do whatever the Lord wants us to.

Love you a lot!
Your son who loves to read....the Book of Mormon,
Elder Benedict

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