Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday May 21, 2012

Our week was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D)   <- that was a double chin smiley by the way.
We had a miracle.
One of our Recent Convert's step-daughter finally got her biological father’s permission to be baptized!!!!! :D <- (this is a single chin smiley) She has been reading : Strength for youth, Scriptures, Personal Progress, and attending church every other week. She has wanted to be baptized for a while, and now she can! She is going to be Baptized on this upcoming Saturday morning! :D Elder Smith will Baptize her. 

Also, the same recent convert referred us to a neighbor, he is activity coming to church and can be baptized once we finish the lessons. Also he needs to get married and has had a rough time with money... but we told him it would only cost him the marriage license, he was pretty happy and said he would talk about it with his fiancé.  

Last Night my companion and I took away a pack of cigarettes, from one of our Investigators, and she committed to drop smoking cold turkey!!! :D

I wish I could just stop and watch the seasons and nature for a year when I am done. I think nature is amazing. 

My comp is finally hitting the Trunk-e stage.... he started taking light-saber pictures again... haha, he is still doing well though.
This week we hit almost all of the Standards of Excellence (mission goals). We were very blessed this week.

Hope you all are safe and sound!

Elder Benedict

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