Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday 6/4/2012

I am very sorry that I missed writing you a card on Father’s day. One of the elders in the apartment doesn't do anything to clean up.... so as the other companionship left the apartment, my companion and I would clean for quite some time.
But no excuses..... I will send you a card as soon as I can obediently. 

I am fine, Hagerstown is ok, and the weather is super wacky. Elder Thomas is my new companion, he has 3 months (2 transfers) left until he goes home. He is from StandPoint, Idaho. He is very good at singing and He cooks and Bakes Very well.

I have attached 2 photos.... Cleanliness is next to Godliness... one we got carried away to clean the kitchen..... (My companion was a baker for a year before he came out) and so we ended up doing the WHOLE kitchen.....  I don’t think that there was 1 area untouched. 

The 2nd picture is of my companion and me. We get along great!   This will probably be a tough challenge for me to focus and continue working without the side jokes along the way.

My wallet was lost, and now it is stolen...... They used my Mission card to order Netflix...... not too smart. But I need a new B of A card and Driver’s License ASAP.... non-stop biking can wear you out hahah, but not only that, it hinders the work outside of our biking distance.

Love you a lot!

Elder Benedict

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