Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday July 16, 2012

I am doing well.

I am living with my new companion (Elder Shell) he is from Idaho. (He’s pretty smart and knows computers pretty well, so we get along great! :D) We both were in the same MTC district together and bunked in the same room at the MTC. Now we are companions! We are setting the area on fire! (Not really fire.... but you know what I mean.) 
We were blessed with a new investigator the first 1/2 week I was here. He actually came to church! (That made my week knowing that, that still happens. I am currently serving in the Columbia first ward. 
We live with a member, she is like the little old ladies at dads work, she has the chairs that take you up/down the stairs (per set of stairs [2]), and an electric scooter on every floor (there are 3 floors).  We love it there...... kinda. She buys food, and then lets it rot in the fridge..... In fact, she left some apple-strudel in the fridge.... for ~ a year over the expiration date.... oops!  Also, we decided that it was time to clean the fridge... someone had left some meat to thaw in the fridge for a little too long..... so we cleaned up the blood that was soaking the drawers and the shelves.... (We are still debating if we should call that a service project or not). 
Anyway, I love it over here, the 2nd day we went biking 30 miles up hills that each seem to compare to Signal Hill. But the country around here is beautiful! We took some pictures.

Little neat miracle happened this week, my bike actually works! :D (Long story)
We just got back from our zone activity which was broom hockey.... it was fun, but I was drenched after the game.

In this area we drive a minivan on the weekends. So we are 1/2 car.  . Working at Randy's place came in handy.  I have to say, I miss working there and I also miss backpacking those neat trips!

And it sounds like the rats are having fun running under the rug!  (The chapel David was in on Sunday had a rat running around the piano!)  Kinda like the lizard that Bryan Donner had to come chase out from under our carpet!

Hope you all are safe and doing well!

Elder Benedict

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