Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monday September 17, 2012

First off, the baptism turned out great!!!!!  I’m going to have to use bullet points for this next part about the baptism.
-we had to start filling the font 2 hrs. ahead of time to get it the right height.
-we spent an hour watching the Mountain of the Lord; it was a great movie.
- no one showed up until about 5 minutes till the start, including Samuel.... so we were starting to get anxious....
-There were about 15 people, pretty good turnout for 10:30 am on a Saturday.
-the spirit was amazingly strong, many people were in tears.
-our assistant ward mission leader and his wife bought Samuel a new compact quad as a present
(scriptures), then took us all out for pizza,
-the pizza was great!

Ok, now onto the rest of the letter...

Sounds like I’m going to be rained on, sweet!!! :D
I don’t have much else to write except that we went to the mall. And decided that the food court was the best part, they have a TON of food places. :)

I hope that you all are having some real growth and staying safe!

Elder Benedict

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