Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monday September 10, 2012

We went on a hike today, and crossed a river...   (see picture,… but Forrest isn’t in it…)

I’m glad that Brenner went home teaching with you (with Dad…  Forrest used to go)!

Today was the most un-usual weather EVER!!!!!!!!  (I almost lost it when I went outside and did a double take). There was almost no humidity, and it was cool! I was a little scared at first that something big was going to happen, but no such luck...

Sam is being baptized on the 15th of this month!!!! He is very elect, Heavenly Father has blessed us both!  That will be a great B-Day present, even though it’s a little late...

We use the Gym every day, except Sunday, and we love the workout it gives us!

We are both doing well (Forrest and comp)! 

Thank you for the Cookies


Brownies and Goodies!!!!!!

They are almost all gone, I haven't opened the other package because I’m waiting until Wednesday, Also, there is another elder in the mission who shares the same B-day as I do, he is 13 mins younger than me and he is from rippin CA. 

Tell Brenner thanks for the Package!!!!! :D 

I hope that everyone is doing well, and is safe and sound!!

Elder Benedict

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