Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday January 21, 2013

It sounds like you had a great week.

We have 2 on date and very committed! They are both awesome!!!!! Our week was ok. Most of our investigators don’t have or are not married... or don’t even have a phone to contact them... so it can be rough to get ahold of them....

I don’t have too much to write.... except that every night I come home, plan, than fall asleep for 30 mins... then get ready for bed.... who knew missionary work was actually work??

Oh, and we have transfers in the first week of February...

Well, the high is supposed to be 21 tomorrow.... phew!!! 

Thanks for the package... I should be sending some letters and things next week in the mail... but no promises.

Hope your week is just as good as it can get!

Elder Benedict

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