Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday January 28, 2013

We are both doing well; we had 2 on date for the first few weeks in Feb., but one fell off date... he was able to quit smoking but not coffee..... But we'll see him in the water soon.
(He has been around the church for 40 years and has finally decided to make that choice.)

So our recent convert, Thalia, has a son who is 18. He is not interested in church or what we had to share whenever we would come. This Sunday he was at church with his hat on and his earphones in. After my companion (sitting next to him) told him to turn down his music and take off his hat he did. Then he sat through 3 much older speakers talk about their testimony of the temple; he looked bored out of his mind.... Then gospel principles was on the law of chastity...It was just an awkward lesson for him... Lastly we went to priest quorum (16 – 18 year old young men’s class) with him and 1 other priest... He finally started to listen a bit then zone back out..... 

Later that night we had a missionary stake fireside where the mission president answered questions.... After that was over we talked to Thalia... she was shocked when her son asked her (after going to the store) if that was part of keeping the Sabbath day holy.... she explained it wasn’t... he then asked her how to repent.... that was pretty shocking to hear from him... but it was super awesome too!!!  So hopefully he wants to listen now and that WHOLE family will have been baptized while I’ve been here....

We try and stay warm.... our car was covered in ice... like it was a glazed donut glazed from head to toe.....burrr!

I stay warm though.. and we walk when it snows because we would just slip n slide otherwise.

That’s neat you got to catch up with Tristan and Sanchez.
(Response to Dad’s:  “Also we just covet pictures.”)  I had a correctional officer as a ward mission leader... he said coveting leads to most other sins..... So don’t covet! hahaha I’m just kidding with you.... but he really did say that.
I’ll try to get more photos... we just don’t have much time or don’t do things too new that I would take a picture...

I’ve got to run!!!

Hope you have a super week!!!!

Elder Benedict

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