Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From:  "Forrest Benedict"
To:    "Jennifer Benedict"

We all are doing well, and no I haven’t cooked, no time to. My staple is pb&j waffles, eggs with cheese and some ham, and cereal. Literally all I have eaten for 3 weeks. I bought some bananas, and some carrots but that is it....

Also, our Mission's record baptisms for a month last year was 43.... we got 61 in December this year,  and did 395 for this year and our goal was 400..... sooooo close!!!!! 
We are in the middle of special training so my email schedule is off for this week..... so that is why I’ve been email-ing funny, that and the holidays. I’ll answer more questions later!

It’s about 19 degrees and I get to go biking! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited before, honestly. I love the trials that I go through because I know that the Lord giveth no commandment (or trial) unto the children of men, save that he shall prepare a way for us to accomplish that thing that he asks us to do.  So far we would knock, no one would answer. So my comp gave a talk in church saying boldly, but lovingly, “You are members, do your part because we aren’t going anywhere, so pick up your slack!”
Since that, we have gotten 1/2 of our dinner calendar filled up that Sunday, and more calls are coming in! :D     I am also super grateful for some of the families here, they are beyond generous with dinners, and are loving and welcoming.  I just love them all.

Hope everyone is doing excellent.  Any advice on how to get good meals for the week all of it in less than $30 a week?

Love you lots!
Elder Benedict

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