Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday March 12, 2012

I’ll write y’all letters tonight some time... could you send some washable pants..... that are black... that would help out a ton! ps.... I ripped my first pair of pants...oops. I’m not going to say which ones out of the fear of my life... so I hope y’all are doing well! And I’ll make sure I send more pictures!
Love you a lot!!!

Elder Benedict
1st off, no he doesn’t speak Romanian... but he is Romanian (his companion). That’s my companion on the right.
It’s super scary how much he reminds me of the Shaw family... he has the same smile, laugh, and sound of voice as the Shaw kids...
2nd. STORY TIME!!! :D

My companion and I found an elect this past day, she was sitting outside, we started talking and she had been praying to God to know what to do... the spirit told her to just sit and wait.  When we showed up she just spilled her guts and were shocked to find out what had happened...her husband just left, took the car and traded... not sold, traded the car for some drugs, just to get high.  She then said that this wasn't the first time.... we have a lesson with her on Tuesday. Hopefully we follow the promptings of the spirit exactly.

 Another sweet thing happened. This lady we are teaching was reading the BOM, and fell asleep after around 2 Nephi. She normally tosses and turns, but when she woke up the BOM was in her lap turned to 3Nephi9.... long story short - my companion pulled a Daniel. We explained her dream to her, and she said she would come to church next week, life or death.
3rd Story
btw, never pour melted candle wax down the sink... all you get out of it is a ton of frustration and a nasty mess..... so one of the other elders was cleaning up this huge pot of hard candle wax... because the elders before I got here left it in this big pot.... he finally melted it down and was starting to pour it down when the wax missed the throw-away container he was pouring it into.... luckily the drain stopper was there, so he moved it to the other tub in our sink, (the sink is a dual tub), 20 seconds later he accidentally knocked it over.... and the stopper wasn't in the 2nd tub.... oops.

If you have any remedies, just write it in a letter :D 
(or send tell his mom, so I can tell him!)

Elder Benedict VIII

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