Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday March 19, 2012

Everything is going well, and I’m ok with short hair, no me importa. I’m too focused on the work to notice. Apparently my comp.'s mom has done over 1,000 names, is related to Mitt Romney, Joseph Smith, George Washington, and a whole bunch of kings of France, etc.
He is really stoked! If you have some time, send what you have to me about our F.H. We are helping many investigators who are interested in researching their family history.

Love you tons!!!!
Elder Benedict

I’m doing elder-rific!!!
We found 3 new investigators!
The first two we found were stopping their car.  We asked if we could come share a message with their family, they both want to know a lot more.
The last one we have been helping.  We picked up his prescriptions for him, through a drive thru.... a drive-thru.....and they let us do it without any id or anything....anyway, he wants to learn more since we have been helping him.
Today we just finished helping a couple who are active members move into their house, and helped them move some of their guns... they own a gun shop called Hendershot Sporting Goods. He used to be in the army and now he goes on safaris.  His wife told us he has a trophy of a lion he got a while back. I really can’t wait to see that one. Any-who, I am super stoked to go to General Conference and hopefully bring some investigators with us! Our one downfall is getting people to show up to church, they usually say they slept in, or they were just too tired. I think it’s about time to change that.

Super sweet experience this week:
We were with a member one night visiting a new investigator. (She has had an extremely rough life. We have been helping her.) All we did was ask a few questions, the Holy Ghost did the rest - tremendously. She told us all of her concerns and everything going on. (Which is extremely unusual, not only for her, but for anyone in this area) It’s almost like we got a fire hose sprayed at us for a change. But now we know exactly what we need to cover in our lessons. :)

This work just keeps on moving...
We had dinner the other night at a member’s house. I almost went into shock..... They have 3 daughters at home, the youngest plays soccer and her father coaches her team and they have a small dog.... reminded me of the Dunn family.

Hope everyone is doing well and is safe!

Elder Benedict

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