Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday April 2, 2012

I loved all of General Conference, every question I had was answered. It taught me what I need to do better and even how to better raise my children... even though that one wasn't one of my questions.

Story time!!

We ran into a man on the street one day, he said he was moving and would need some help, we told him we would at the drop of a hat (so to say). He called us right after the very first session of General Conference on Saturday. Because we decided to help him, we were able to teach a lesson to 5 people and were blessed with 2 investigators! :D
However, we missed the beginning of the 2nd session that day -mostly Jeffery R. Holland’s talk.
When we went to go watch it, I felt like we didn’t miss much. We were already serving and got our pay. It was very much worth it, like it always has been and will be.

While we were watching Elder Holland’s talk, a young man and his 2 little brothers asked to play some ball, we let them, and now we have an appointment to teach their whole family.

2nd story:

We were street contacting one day, this man was cleaning a car; my companion asked if we could give him a card from our church, he said he would be "coo" with that. He then realized that there was a website, so he told us he wasn’t a tech kind of guy. He then walked us over to his whole family and said teach my daughter, she likes that kind of stuff. She was put on date for the 21st of April and wanted us back to learn more. (That was last week.) 
This week.... we taught her, her 2 daughters and her son. Her and her 2 daughters are on date for April the 21st as well. And now her whole family wants to learn more.
-talk about blessings from above!

Send a pedigree chart, but also a lot of our family history stories, I love to read them.
I need a new vial for consecrated oil... my old one dropped when I was biking.... also my companion is related to some of the current apostles.....
They have their history done all the way back to the 1604..... WOW!!!!

Love you so much,

Elder Benedict

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