Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday July 2, 2012

We only had 6 lessons this week.... needless to say it was a pretty tough week. Getting out of ruts is super hard.
We went to Krumpe's Donuts the other day, on Donut Alley. It’s open from 8pm to about 4am. Interesting, isn't it. 
The other morning for exercise, we went out at about 6:30. It was 86 degrees and very humid, phew! I now Know the true meaning of summer. hahaha.
One day it was 106 with 80-90% humidity..... and we are still on bikes. And it doesn't look like it is going to change.... And it’s very unlikely I’ll have my license anytime soon.... or far. hahaha 
We had a few tornado warnings and some awesome sheet lightning. Around 9:45-10:45 pm. the whole sky seemed as if it wasn't dark. Literally just about every second a new sheet of lightening appeared. I wish we had the Storms over in CA like they are out here.
Also we had a ward function this past week. It was a picnic and one of our recent Converts brought her friend, SUCCESS! :D Then we played Horseshoes with a couple of members. They won, only because I have no clue what on earth I was doing (it was still fun). 
President Richards (new Mission President) just arrived a few days ago with his family.
    The most amazing this happened this week!!!!!!
A member family actually had a non-member over for dinner, but even more than that, it was a family!!! :D That is the first time I have had dinner with member/non-member families before!
We had a very good dinner and the spirit was there as they were shooting questions left and right. The non-member son asked us things like “Can you please explain more about the spirit world and the 3 kingdoms."  I looked at him and asked if he had read the Book of Mormon before, he replied that he hadn't but that the kids at the camp-out the night before had talked about each other’s religions. Also when the father (non-member) asked about the Book of Mormon, the member’s son who is going into 6th grade summarizes the WHOLE Book of Mormon in about 5-10 mins... I was blown away!
This past Sunday the bishopric councilor asked me to bear testimony on temples. I said that I would before I realized that I haven't been to the temple or through it in about 6 months..... Oops. So needless to say that it was an ok testimony. 
I had my hair cut about an hour ago. This lady cutting my comp’s hair told us how she takes her kids to church.... her kids each have black and white hair, 4 legs and bark.... She takes them with her to church every once-in-a-while when she goes.
Love you all!
Elder Benedict

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