Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday June 18, 2012

I have had weeks where every night there was sheet lightning.... and Thunder like crazy, and
in 3 days I got a tan that would take me all summer to get back home.
I’m doing fine, just drained of energy most of the time because we bike every day, all day; no joke (the DMV still hasn't sent my License yet, I was even thinking of getting one here in Maryland just for the time remaining). But I can deal with it; rugby helped me out in that way.  Also, I did get to learn my area a lot better.
Our week is going eh, we are running into some ruts, but are hopefully going to get out of all of them by next week.
WOAH!!! TENNIS 2X  IN A WEEK?! That’s pretty great!  Tell Brenner that I want to play a game of tennis with him when he gets back. And also how has his scripture reading been going? 
I loved the letter I received from him!

Hope you all are safe and doing well!
I Love you all!

Elder Benedict

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