Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday August 13, 2012

Wow, your weather is nice there, over here we had a week of 100+ with 100% humidity, &  all biking, oh well. I heard that the whole US is in a heat wave.
Mom allowed Brenner to do air soft!?!?!?!? You both have really eased up! hahahah I’m glad to hear that he is out and about! :D

Out here I’ve had the gift of the spirit of being able to down food, good or not  :)  .... we had fish yesterday for lunch with the bishop, not raw fish....( raw fish and meat is against the rules).

So this week we went to the Orioles game and watched them beat the royals 7:1. Our investigator came with us and our Bishop (and the bishop’s family). We left for about 2 mins and we came back to find that he was missing.... we freaked out a bit.... then we looked to our left only to find that he was sitting in a Young Single Adult group. After the game on the car ride home, our investigator was asking about deep doctrine questions. Our bishop bore testimony and the spirit was strong.
This past Sunday, all the classes were about missionary work, our investigator seemed pretty bored; fortunately he had the magazine on temples with him that we had given him. He began to read it. By the end of 3rd hour, he came up to us asking us if in our next lesson we could teach him about the qualifications for baptism and when he could be baptized.  We both started grinning and said that we would. He told us that the standards in the magazine were the ones he was taught growing up.

Hope you are having a wonderful day and having real growth!

Elder Benedict

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