Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012

Sam is on date for the 16th of September (baptism), what a wonderful birthday gift!!!!
Couldn't have asked for a better one from my Heavenly Father!

We now have 4 Investigators that are super solid and coming to church, 1 on date (Sam), and the other 3 can be baptized the week after that. (or it maybe a few later).  (Lisa +Tony, and April. (They are all so close!!!!)  All we need to do is our teach.

My week was pretty fun. I bought a new GPS so I can plan for this area (it has free map updates for life! (big money saver in the long run)). I fell on another missionary’s bike that I am going to get from him in a while.   
I will need a new short-sleeve shirt, because mine has a whole in it (long story) (short story: it has a hole in it. and I have bought new G's ( garments, scriptures, new GPS) then I will need to pull money for the bike, and that should be it for a long time!
I was reading something neat the other day in my studies that tells us what we need to do....I can’t find it right now but it is along the lines of... always remember to thank God for the blessings we receive.

BTW, I expect you and dad to have memorized as many scriptures and quotes as I have when I get home, and maybe Brenner 1/8....if he is up to the challenge.
My other mission president had more scriptures memorized then are in the scriptures itself .... practically, and he was much older, so that is no excuse.

In fact, excuses are a way of us being lazy and "slothful servants" (D&C 58:26-29).... I know because I catch myself being one in the morning when I wake up. hahahaha.

Please don’t take it the wrong way; it’s just what I have learned lately that I wanted to share.

My companion, Elder Shell, is being transferred so I am taking over this area now.... in fact, out of every companionship in this zone, at least one is being transferred. WOW, that almost never happened with our last president.  We are going to have a new DL and a new ZL!
I love my calling and I don’t ever want to leave it!

I hope that you and the Family are all doing well and that Brenner is growing taller! and that you are praying, ALWAYS!

Elder Benedict

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