Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday November 12, 2012

Great. Awesome.Family.Great! (We are going to the temple with them this Saturday)!
(Q’s:  How are you doing? How is the work?  The 3 recent converts – are they a family or individuals? How are they doing?)   
They are all doing well, and want to share the gospel with everyone! Everyone else just needs to listen to them hahaha.
One of our investigators sells Pomeranian/Chihuahua puppies. They sold 5 in 1 week! They’re almost comparable to hot cakes!
PLEASE DON’T send Paydays.... I’m trying to lose weight hahaha.

We are 3/7 car and 4/7 bike... that has been my WHOLE mission and I love it! It keeps me in good shape, and it helps me be humble.
It only rains here as far as I know, snow is very rare.... so looks like we can put the snow shovel away until next year.

Brother Oppenlander is going to be an awesome singles ward bishop!

Our ward just got a new bishopric as well. So it’s taking some time to get Bishop Thompson up-to-date on the missionary work.

Well, Elder Etter and I are together for another transfer.... so nothing too new.
The ward takes very good care of us and we are both doing great!
Hope you’re having an awesome week!

Elder Benedict

p.s. As for my upcoming goal for the next year,..... you’ll have to find out next week! 
(Forrest 1 year mark is November 16th)  

What is Brenner’s favorite color?

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