Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday November 5, 2012

I think I’ll start off by letting you know that I had 30 lbs of candy that year.... and no I haven’t heard from Joey in a LONG time... (Halloween memories…)

Elder Etter is ALWAYS cold, so we wear our  jackets every time we leave that it always feels like San Diego weather (that’s what they call the perfect weather around here).  No one wears jackets and it’s around 40-50 degrees every day.

Our 3 baptisms last week were all confirmed members of the church this week, they are all very cool. One of their friends showed up to the baptism and church this past Sunday, they are on date for the 24 of November! whoohooo! They wanted to get baptized too!

Wow, sounds like Brenner is getting along really well now!
Tell Brenner that if he’s going to beat me in tennis when I get home he needs to play tennis to keep up his skills. And tell him I’m practicing for it too!

Sounds like the Bat mitzvah was pretty fun.
Sounds like work is getting a little challenging....
New quote I learned..... “Obedience brings blessings; Exact obedience brings MIRACLES"

So this week, my number 1 pet peeve is when people told us that we were Jehovah's witnesses and slammed the door in our face..... I’d say the worst part was that they didn’t even look at our name tags with the church that they were rejecting......sigh. C’est la vie.
Hope everything goes well, and that you all are safe!
It hasn’t snowed just in case you are wondering, but we are supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow, so I better get some gloves out! hahaha.

I love you all and hope that you stop mooooooing now that the cow bone is out!
(Dave’s dental graft)
Get better soon!

Enjoy the warm weather for me!
Elder Benedict

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