Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tuesday October 30, 2012

We are doing fine. (after Hurricane Sandy)   We weren’t allowed to go out yesterday at all. So we all were super bummed... but we finally got permission to leave! woohoo! It was very windy and it rained pretty well.

We had the ward Halloween party on Saturday... we did the fishing game.... I almost lost my head a few times behind the board... then we had our family get baptized on Sunday night. It went very well.

I also have received and sent out my ballot. And I did receive my camera package, thank you!!!

Sounds like everyone is doing well! Especially Brenner!!

Well, while we were indoors, I read the student study guide of the Old Testament up to Numbers... so I learned quite a lot.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather over there!!!!

Elder Forrest Benedict

P.S. It’s about 40 degrees and windy/rainy..... Also I’m good on food, no packages needed. Tell him thank you though!!! Love ya all!

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