Sunday, January 6, 2013

Monday November 26, 2012

We are doing great! We had 3 thanksgiving dinners, all back to back to back....ughhhh. We helped out at a soup kitchen kinda thing, then we were fed from them, and we got to take home leftovers.... then we went to a member’s house, and lastly, our investigator family fed us, then we got to put up and decorate the Christmas tree with them. It was pretty sweet.

An experience.... well, my companion was sick for about 2 days in a row.... it almost killed me just sitting inside all day.... I ran out of movies I could watch, so I decided to just read the Old Testament... I got to 1 Samuel, and most of the OT study guide... too much time on an elder’s hands....

That’s pretty sweet that Thanksgiving went well! I most likely will not be there next Thanksgiving, because I leave on November 26th 2013... So chances are that I’ll miss it. 
(Thanksgiving is Nov 28, 2013  J  )
That’s cool that Scott got into family history, maybe they have a family history center up in Northern California he could check out.
That’s pretty sweet that Uncle Paul and his family made it down for a few days over Thanksgiving.

So dad, are you writing down all the movies you like so I can rent them when I get home and watch them in the study???
Oh, ps. I read the new, For the Strength of Youth pamphlet... you should read it, it’s pretty good.

So our mission president has allowed us to listen to Christmas music for the season!! wooohooo! So feel free to send some Mormon tabernacle choir music and other Christmas music.
It would be appreciated!

Until next week,
Love ya!
Elder Benedict
p.s.  Check out

It’s pretty sweet, you should also watch some of the videos under the "people" section, some are in other languages, (Spanish, French)

Just thought you might like it! because I LOVED it.

Elder Benedict 

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